Program during your fasting stay

Fasting retreat 6 nights from Sunday till Saturday.



All information regarding your preparation for the fasting will be sent to you prior to your stay. It is advised to limit your diet 2 or 3 days before.

During your stay

Arrival day

Meeting with the group

17h-18h: check in.

18h: meeting with the group and presentation of the program


Meeting with the group

Herbal tea and vegetable juice.
Group activity.
(More details below)


Time for yourself

Relaxing, access to our Scandinavian Outdoor Spa (Sauna and Hot Tub).
Massages (not included in the price).

(More details below)


Meeting with the group

We serve a home made vegetable bouillon and then we have different workshops:
Nutrition, cooking, art, etc.
(More details below)

departure day

Meeting with the group

9 h: first meal.

11h: check out.


Eating again

On departure day we will serve you your first meal.

All information you need on how to start eating again once you get back home, will be communicated to you during you stay in our various workshops.
You will also have the opportunity to learn how to have a good and healthy nutrition in you every day life.

Louis will show you during a cooking class how to prepare some super food fast and easily. He will give a lot of hints and tips how differnet foods need to be prepared to be easily digested. The food that you will prepare during this workshop, you will take home!.

Activties and Workshops


Horse Back Riding

Katia will take you on the back of the horse to see the incredible nature around our village. All levels.


Tibetan yoga Lu Jong withRomaine or Hatha Yoga with Angelina.
We prefer to practice outdoors as much as possible (depending on the weather).

Visiting Germaine

Germaine Cousin Zermatten
The pope of wild plants:
At 94 years of age, this very lively woman and her son Raymond, will help you discover the ancestral knowledge of the power of medicinal plants.

Scandinavian Spa

Every afternoon you can use the Scandinavian Spa free of charge.
Our barrel sauna with the panoramic view and the  wood fired hot tub will help you relax and detox.

Creativity Workshops

Visual Arts , Musique and "Let Go":

Be inspired by our artistic fibre. Different artistic activities to finish this week full of discoveries. 


An approach zen of the "let go".
You will learn the basics of archery in walking around in the forest. Pure pleasure!


To stay active, get boosts of oxygen and for a maximum of detox, we go for hikes all year long. Discover the breathtaking view and nature of the Valais Alps.

Cooking Classes

Louis will show you how to prepare simple and fast superfoods for people who have little time to cook. You will take the dishes you prepare with you back home to eat!


Let yourself be pampered by our masseuses. I helps to relax and with the boosts the detox:
Classic relaxing massages, hot stone massages, reflexology, lymphatic drainage
(extra charge, checkhekc the prices here)


The Themes:
"Special Bonus"

During your fasting retreat you will enjoy thematic conferences by Eric Remacle, a graduate in applied psychology and specialist in emotional and stress management for 25 years. Eric has been fasting for 35 years. 


Special Bonus Theme
Get rid of sugar and other addictions!

Fasting is the perfect context for weaning yourself and getting rid from addictions like sugar, coffee, alcohol and certain foods.


During this stay you will learn to:


- Use fasting as a lever to reprogram your intestinal microbiota and cells in order to get rid of dependence on sugar and other products.

- Understand the ideal mindset to get rid of emotional addictions to these substances.

- Use strategies from emotional intelligence and last generation psychology to counter the effects of envy and need.

- Integrate simple mindfulness practices to free yourself from unconscious emotional wounds that are sources of addictive consumption.

- How to do an adapted fasting to avoid setbacks into dependence on certain foods.


Special Bonus Theme

Lose weight and gain lightness!

Fasting is an effective method to lose excess weight and go back home with an "anti weight gain" food hygiene.


During this stay you will learn:


- 4 reasons and factors for weight gain

- Why no diet works in the long term

- How to boost the phenomenon of autophagy (fat burning) after your fasting retreat

- Integrate simple mindfulness practices to free yourself from unconscious emotional wounds, sources of weight gain

- Practice an adapted fasting to avoid setbacks with the consumption of certain foods.

- The ideal way how  and what to eat in order to keep your bodyweight.

- All about intermittent fasting.


The Drinks

Spring Water

The pure mountain water to hydrate yourself all day long.

Organic Vegetable Juices

In the morning, various organic vegetable juices at your disposal.

Mono Diet

If you wish, you can also do a mono diet instead. We the will prepare brown rice for you or you can eat apples. Please let us know in advance.

Organic Teas

A  buffet with organic teas at will.

Homemade fresh Bouillon

In the evening, a fresh homemade bouillon will be served in an alpine chalet ambiance.

The Spa

Hot tub

The hot tub is an scandinavian bath, heated with a wood fire. It brings you absolute relaxation, in a breathtaking setting. You can enjoy it all year round.


To detox and help your metabolism or simply for relaxation, let yourself be pampered by our therapists:


Reflexology: 110.-

Relaxing massage: 120.-

Lymphatic Drainage: 120.-

Hot Stones Massage: 160.-


The Scandinavian sauna helps with the detox and strengthens the immune system. It offers privacy and breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps. You can enjoy it all year round.


Our garden offers a lot of space to relax with the spectacular view on the Alps and the meadows around.



The stays are supervised by professionals.

Our team is made up of therapists, psychologist, nutritionist, fasting supervisors, yoga instructors, NLP specialists.




Every day you will experience playful and interesting supervised activities. You will detox, get some physical activity, relax, far niente or simply pleasure!


Before your stay, you will receive all information necessary to prepare for the fast. During the stay, we will have a workshop on how to break the fast.

Various themed workshops will allow you to broaden your knowledge on nutrition and give you the necessary tools to take up good eating habits.

...what our guests say...

The program was interesting and fun, the hikes in the nature awsome. AGAIN ANYTIME ... THANK YOU !!! I feel brand new

I spent a wonderful week of fasting! The place is just perfect for it. It's calm and soothing and the beautiful surrounding nature is beneficial for fasting.

The program may vary depending on the season/weather or the availability of the various professionals.

All activities are optional.

Feel free to live your fasting experience within the group, or individually.

Your hosts are at your entire disposal for any questions on hiking routes or touristic excursions.

Fasting retreats at Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa are only for adults, in good health.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, heavy medication, epilepsy, untreated hyperthyroidism, ulcers (stomach or duodenum), type 1 diabetes, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis, hepatic or renal failure, organ transplantation, pacemaker, excessive low weight, anorexia and other eating disorders, heavy addictions, arteriosclerosis, advanced degenerative diseases (multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, etc.), generalized cancer, severe psychoses.

If you are subject to any of the above contraindications, you are not allowed to participate to our fasting retreats.
In case of doubt, seek the advice of your doctor.

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